race_604_photo_13905086This is a short training week because I’ll be driving all weekend to Austin.  So I ran my big mileage on Friday.  I didn’t have the three hours needed to run twenty miles.  Still, 15 miles took 2:10 hours.  I squeezed my run in between my morning Chiropractor session and finishing up Christmas cards and other errands.  I could go on about the Christmas cards.  Instead though, I’ll relate the story of my first visit to a Chiropractor.  Oh, and I keep meaning to give credit to the Colder Bolder for these race photos.  A dozen hi-res digital pictures for absolutely free.  Unbelievable race perk!

I’m currently sitting poolside in an Amarillo hotel.  I wanted to make it to Vernon to shorten tomorrow’s drive but my ass hurt too much to keep driving.  I think from doing leg weights.  I’m bad at weights, but I like to include them in my routine when training for a marathon.  Not because I think weights will improve my speed.  My experience suggests weights help me avoid injury as I increase my miles.

My Chiropractor is Dr. Doug Brisson at the Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness Center in my neighborhood.  He comes across to me as a very sensible doctor.  The kind of doctor who, after you say it hurts to do something would say, “Then don’t do that.”  I have zero experience with Chiropractic medicine and Dr. Brisson explained some things to me I never knew.  He detailed how his adjustments affect the nerves around the joints.  The nerves need to be trained on the proper musculoskeletal positions.  And they benefit from receiving the increased blood flow and nutrition that result from his corrections.  I wouldn’t really know but I believed him.  His assessment of my physical condition was this.  I have a “really twisted body.”  I’m not surprised by this.  That’s why I’m here.

He popped a few joints and I felt better.  He told me to expect feeling fatigue afterward.  It was hard to say if I did.  I went on my 15 mile run directly afterward.  I felt fatigue after that.  Saw the Sebestas out on their bikes on the LoBo Trail.  Amy gave me a high-five with her gloved hand.  With her biking momentum, she nearly broke my hand.  My muscles were heavy but I think that was due to my run the previous evening.  I ran a fast seven miles fairly late in the day.  Us older guys need a full 24 hours to recover from intense workouts.

I expect to run next on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail near my Mom’s house on Monday.  Hoping to get in some decent miles at low altitude.  And get a run or two in down on Town Lake.  If anyone wants to run with me in Austin, ping me.  I’ll be there through Friday.