KeithNot sure if this photo captures the wind, but trust me, Keith and I ran a blustery seven miles out on the Boulder Backroads this morning.  We opted for Lagerman Reservoir because past runs there suggest the antennae field hills shield the roads from high winds.  Today was no exception.  This is where you want to run on windy days.

Tons of bikers were pedaling out here, hiding from the gusts.  We couldn’t escape the blowing head winds the first mile.  And the first couple of miles are uphill, so our start running west along Prospect Road was a tough slog.  Turning north on 55th Street to Nelson Road was like entering a sauna.  I tied my light, North Face running jacket around my waist.  Our return back down Prospect allowed us to unwind our legs.  Felt great to run a couple of fast miles.  Keith has been squeezing in shorter runs lately with the diminished daylight and busy schedule caring for his father.  We were both glad to get out today before the weather turns colder.