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Can you believe the size of this sign?  I suspect most college track teams don’t even have a sign.  Only in Texas.  I connected with my old team on Facebook recently.  Only see one team member – Michael (Tap) Tapscott – on this page from my years.    That guy was such a bad ass 800 meter runner.  I haven’t found any of my cross country buddies at this FB page although I am friends with one of them already.  Apparently ’80s runners don’t live big digital lives.  Considering what little running I’ve been doing the last two weeks, virtual running by finding past teammates online might be all I do this winter.

You might gain an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings ends, but I swear you lose hours to the darkness in the days after.  I only had time to run once all week.  I hope to make up for it this weekend.  Ran seven today and will run at least ten tomorrow.  I’ll somehow squeeze it all in between dropping off Jack at the dog groomers, getting my own haircut, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, servicing the cars, holiday decorating.  Today was a day of a thousand errands.  Tomorrow will be more of the same but I’ll get my run in for sure.  Today’s run was the quintessential fall scamper on the LoBo Trail.

The wind blew from the east with a nose of burning leaves.  Not sure what farmers roast this time of year, but the air smelled seasonal.  My thoughts drifted to Thanksgiving next week with family in Carlsbad.  Laura will have her house crafted beautifully for the holidays.  Chad will cook an unending feast with the focused fervor of Daniel Craig in the opening scenes of a Bond film.  I’ll contribute the wine.  Carlsbad has a nice running loop around the river downtown that I intend to run Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I’ll get back on track next week.