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I don’t imagine MRIs to be very scary, unless of course you are claustrophobic which I’m not.  From what I know, they don’t even use X-Rays like a Cat Scan but instead generate radio waves from a big magnet.  It certainly doesn’t appear to be painful although it could brick my iPhone.  But I’m stupefied how I reached this ripe old age without ever having been referred to a specialist and I now am having four medical visits in less than seven days.  My doctor referred me to a Podiatrist for my plantar fasciitus and to an Orthopedic Specialist for my abdomen.

I immediately started doing the math on potential out-of-pocket costs and discovered both specialists would be in network.  So OK, fine.  I visited Boulder Orthopedics yesterday.  The visit took over an hour which I didn’t expect.  I got an X-Ray which suggests a possible sports hernia – whatever that is, it sounds made up – and the need for an MRI.  Dr. Williams couldn’t be certain of my injury but my Symphysis looks to have some issues.  I’ll spare you the profanity here but know that I’m cussing under my breath as I write this.  I called Cigna as soon as I got home and learned I will be responsible for 20% of the MRI cost.

Seeing how one visit to a specialist has begun to spiral out-of-control, I’m no longer looking forward to visiting the Podiatrist Monday.  I’m picturing thousand dollar custom-built insoles made from rare earth metals.  And I’ll probably have to travel to China to be fitted.  This isn’t going well.