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My visit to the Podiatrist wasn’t too bad.  Not sure why I had to undress since it was just my foot, but all in all it was a good prognosis.  Just kidding of course, but I was very happy to have this doctor confirm that yes, I have plantar fasciitus, but totally treatable and not something more serious.

This ultra sound shows abnormal thickness near the heel and inconsistent width throughout the fascia – confirming plantar fasciitus.  The doctor explained a number of stretches I can do and showed me what sort of insoles will help.  Turns out nothing from SofSole is any good.  Even their models intended for pronation won’t provide the necessary support – they are way too soft.  The type of insoles that will work are made of hard plastic – like from Superfeet.

Best of all, this doctor didn’t even blink at my bloodstained toenails.  Didn’t suggest toe treatment.  Didn’t say squat.  He looks pretty fit himself and seems to understand toenails are over-rated.  MRI for my symphysis on Wednesday.