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Jane was dressing with her back to Tyler, first her panties and then her bra.  She attached the snap in front of herself and then twisted it around to the back and lifted the straps over her shoulders.  As she put on her uniform blouse, she turned towards Tyler and buttoned it top down.  She stepped into her uniform skirt and said, “Tyler, I have to talk to you on a personal subject.”

“As opposed to?”  Tyler remained in bed because he had a full 24 hours off – even though it was her bed in her apartment.

“Oh, well, last night was personal too.  And very nice, thank you.  But this is actually work related, only I need it to remain personal – between us.”  Jane was hesitant in her speech and Tyler thought she might completely drop the subject, but she persisted after a moment.  “I think the black ice against us the other day might have come from inside.  Or at least it had some inside help.”

“Well, it doesn’t hurt to think that while you research it.  I’m not sure of the current percentages, but I believe most cyber crime occurs with inside help.  And if not, it can appear that way because of the first inside hop.  This would be pretty serious Jane.  We’re not talking about employee revenge about not getting a raise.  Everyone I know is completely dedicated to their work, and the cause.”  Tyler found this less likely the more he talked.  “Jesus Jane, that drone pilot is brain dead!  And the entire Ethical Hack Unit had their homes either bombed or targeted for bombs!”

“I don’t suspect the Ethical Hack team.  I think it’s someone on SecIntel.  And that’s why I can’t talk to anyone about this.” Jane had her uniform jacket on now and stepped into her heels.  “I have to go, but can we talk later?  I need someone to search some things for me in case I’m being monitored.”

“Wow, you’ve already put some thought into this.  Yeah, sure.  We can use secure chat.  I pulled a jailbreak on a pair of Magic Jacks to create a secure tunnel across our secure chat app in the war room.  So secure chat from your mobile to mine via the Mobile Jacks.  That way you can avoid any keylogger on your desktop.  I’ll give you one of them at the start of your 2nd shift when I get in.  But before you go, can you tell me why you think it’s an insider?”

“Well, suddenly we have five vulnerabilities?  Us?  There doesn’t seem to be anything before that.  No corresponding logs tracing the ingress vector.  It doesn’t add up.”  Jane grabbed her keys, turned and left.