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ArmadilloGot in a final nine mile jaunt around Town Lake today.  Fixin’ to dine at Molcas – a really nice family run Tex-Mex in Northwest Hills – for our last supper in Austin.  I should mention we dined last night at Hyde Park Bar & Grill too.  We always make an effort to visit our favorite eateries in Austin.

We’ll be driving early tomorrow morning to Dallas to visit long-time family friends and then head out west on 287 for as far as we can.  I hope to make it past Amarillo but don’t expect to cross the Texas border into New Mexico until Sunday.  As long as that sounds, it’ll be better than the trip down.  I thought I’d re-post this armadillo pic because I saw one cross the road on the drive down at night between Childress and Abilene.  It was as big as a baby black bear.

Actually just returned from Molcas.  Couldn’t finish this post first.  So I’m almost too stuffed with cheese and Bohemias to type.  Papa is playing his victrola for Brittany.  Some WWI era 78 rpm tune.  Brit is pursuing a music degree and is interested in such things.  Her Papa gave her a turntable earlier and she’s been playing 33 rpm vinyl records all day.  Some U2 War, Roberta Flack and her Uncle Steve’s Doctor’s Mob album.

Karen and I just made the decision to not pack the minivan tonight.  Grandma Barbie is dancing the Charleston.  Molcas serves decent frozen ritas.  I wonder how much gear we’ll leave behind when we leave.  I’m guessing multiple iPhone/iPad chargers and some really important jewelry.  See you in Colorado.