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Tyler was in his essence as he walked his Unit and Console Sergeant through his hack.  “The SecIntel from this new dashboard is much richer than we expected.  It includes the results of the Chinese vulnerability scans.  So we know the vulnerable IPs that North Korea will exploit.  We simply exploit them first and set our trap.  The beauty here is these targets won’t ever have their data exfiltrated because the first step of our hack – the code I’ve already developed – is to redirect the hacks to our virtual environment where we can control everything.  I’m calling this Project Quarantine.  Sergeant, please sign me up for a medal.”

The Console Sergeant didn’t have much patience for over-confident software developers.  “This is good work soldier, but let’s be clear.  There will not be any medals because Cyber Command not a legitimate member of the Armed Forces.  Remember in high school or college, where you have sanctioned sports teams like basketball and football?  And then you have some new sport trying to gain awareness, and they call it a club?  Well that’s us, we’re a club.  Our funding comes entirely from Google – a freakin corporation!  We ethically hack their foreign government adversaries to keep them out of the courtroom.  Which leads me to my point.  Google isn’t paying us to quarantine.  They want these hackers dead!  So Project Quarantine is a nice start but you better think of it more as a killing field.  Now get to work on some black ice!”