My first running since October almost never happened.  The first trailhead on the south side of Heil Ranch was closed.  I took the risk of driving out to Lyons to try the north end of the trail.  Closed again, due to muddy conditions.  Springtime in the Rockies.  I wasn’t sure where to go after that but stumbled upon a trailhead a mile and a half south of Left Hand Canyon on Hwy 36 that I never knew existed.  Joder Ranch.


The trail started out as a jeep road, but soon steered off onto a trail, still wide enough for a group of runners to pace side-by-side.  Eventually, the trail tapered into single track and gained trees.  I surprised myself by climbing to the top of the first ridge.  From here I could see a second ridge where I guessed the trail would also climb.


I was wrong.  The trail turned south and ran along a ravine.  Shaded by the hill, the trail was icy in spots.  Soft enough though that my two hundred pounds found it malleable.  Soon enough, the trail ended on Old Stage Coach Road, a few hundred yards from the intersection with Left Hand Canyon.  I turned around and made my way back to my CRV.  It was a good run.