I can play the intellectual.  Chair-bound, pipe in mouth, read for hours on end, but that’s not who Karen married.  Wintery February be damned, we drove up to the Wild Basin this morning with snowshoes in tow to trek through the cold and snow.


It wasn’t that cold though.  Certainly below freezing, but full sun.  The wind ripped through the treetops like a freight train, but we were sheltered on the forest floor.  Much less snow than we expected so we left the snowshoes in the CRV as we hiked the Sandbeach Lake Trail.


There were snowshoe tracks on the trail from earlier in the morning, but too many bare rocks and tree roots for that to have been pleasant.  Trekking poles might have helped for some of the steeper sections of trail, but we did fine without them.


I know the ski resorts are doing well with snow, so surprising that the snow isn’t deeper at Rocky Mountain National Park.  If this becomes our new weekend routine, and I hope it does, we might need to head higher up.