I could mark time by all the turkey trots I’ve run.  I almost missed today’s event because I forgot about it and was instead planning to meet some friends for a mountain trail run.  Fortunately, I saw the reminder in time.  I’m thankful for Prospect’s resident Coach Jabe, for hosting this for the past eight years.  And for Suzy hosting the après run breakfast with copious amounts of early morning vodka.  Not sure I’ll even recognize the turkey later today after so many post-mimosa, bloody marys.  Pictured above is this year’s 5K winner, Joey, with his proud momma, Jen.


This photo is from the other day, when we started celebrating Thanksgiving early with firends.  For the last twenty years, I’ve taken off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  I either travel to visit family, or snowboard, or run massive miles.  I didn’t take any time off this year, other than the two vacation days allotted me, because I lost a good 25 days of vacation due to switching employers in May.  It’s like starting my career over as an entry-level employee.  Not complaining though as I’m thankful to have a challenging job that keeps me engaged.  Being a product manager probably sounds boring, but I really enjoy it.  And the field of computer security is cool.


This photo captures me stealing the first cream-filled doughnut with Suzy.  Thinking back on the year, I’ve been a published author now since November 26, 2016.  I took that week of Thanksgiving off as usual, taught myself Adobe InDesign by watching twenty hours of YouTube videos, and self-published my novel.  Initially I felt like a bit of a poser, but support from friends and family has been strong and I think of myself as a writer now.  Thinking of myself as a novelist has been fun.  I always wear a shirt that advertises my book cover whenever I travel for work, and I sell a copy nearly every time from the conversations it generates on the flight.  My writing is clearly more of a hobby at this phase, but then so is my running and I think of myself as a runner.  I’m thankful to have such interests that motivate me to drive myself forward.  That keep my mind stimulated.  That leave my body ready for a sound sleep each night.  Life is good.  Happy Thanksgiving.