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A month ago, one week into my new job, I navigated my way up to the 11th floor to look at my old office from when I worked in the Denver Main Central Office 23 years earlier.  Not sure of the date on this photo, but the art deco building was completed in the early 1940s.  The 11th floor was completely empty, under construction.  The experience left me nostalgic still, thinking of old work friends.  Namely my boss Lesley, and one of my colleagues, Victoria. Maybe I thought of them together because they were close friends themselves.  So I called them.  We finally met up this morning for breakfast at Tangerine on 28th and Iris.

They are both doing well, traveling the globe together to exotic locales, most recently Northern Italy.  Sadly, both their husbands have passed.  They look healthy and remain active though.  I’m going to ask Lesley to hike around the Indian Peaks later this summer.  Victoria is not exactly the outdoor type.

I also intend to ask Lesley to help me with my next novel.  She’s retired now, but apparently performs copy editing.  The irony here is that, as my boss, she constantly edited my work.  My job as a data network design engineer involved a great deal of technical writing.  She would take a red pen to my papers.  She no doubt enjoyed this activity as she was a college English professor in an earlier career.  I’m also hoping she will help me with some of my dialog that takes place in the UK, because she’s also British.  Lesley will be the perfect copy editor.