Ellie and I ran the Longmont Turkey Trot this morning.  The holidays seem to come earlier every year.  Ellie ran the two mile in a 9:04 pace.  Pretty fast.  I didn’t catch my time for the 10K but I ran the entire distance alongside Keith.  We started out easy the first two miles, then surged in the third mile and kept a strong pace to the end.  I’d guess we ran under 45 minutes.  Keith put on a strong kick the final half mile to finish ahead of me by a good ten seconds.

I should add that Ellie took 2nd in her under 20 age group in last weekend’s 5K.  We didn’t wait around afterward to know that.  I took 2nd as well, losing to Keith once again.  This turkey trot is always a highly competitive race.  I typically finish top 3 but doubt I did today.  Results will be posted soon.  More painting to do now in the carriage house and football to watch.  Enjoy your fall weekend.