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Breckendridge Nordic CenterI’m on spring break. Well, Ellie is on spring break. Same difference. I always take the week off from work to play and do my taxes. I used to do the same with Brit. We would ski. Ellie snowboards.  We didn’t get a chance to board here in Breckenridge. Ellie did enjoy sledding on a hill outside our cabin with her friends in the morning and later snow tubed Saturday afternoon.

This is a late spring break.  It would have been fine last year as the slopes were operating into June. Colorado is only at 65% snow pack this season. There’s enough snow still but it becomes slushy by noon. On a good note, the weather is awesome.  Both Karen and I eschewed jackets on our snowshoe jaunt while Amy and Dave skied cross country at the Breckenridge Nordic Center.  We did this in the morning.

Amy & DaveIt took Karen and me an hour even to traverse 1.75 miles.  We completed the Willow Trail counterclockwise, and added a short spurn with the Engleman Trail.  I completed a second loop while Karen waited for me in the lodge.  Sometimes I don’t know when to quit.  You’d have trouble knowing when enough is enough out here too, it’s just so gorgeous.  In fact, Dave and I both returned in the afternoon for another round.  Springtime in the mountains, with both snow and full sun, is not to be taken for granted.


On this second round, I trekked the Engleman Trail much higher, ascending into the upper trail section.  Here I discovered the Peaks Trail which follows the eastern side of the Ten Mile Range all the way to Frisco.  I wasn’t prepared for that long of an outing but got in another 90 minutes snowshoeing, running about a quarter of it.  Dave and I rejoined in the lodge for a couple of Hop Hunter IPAs.

Engleman Traail

I’m not sure I can describe in words just how satisfying this second hike was.  The trail entwined thick forest with snow-laden single track, and I was all alone for most of it.  I truly felt religion snowshoeing through God’s high country in Hallmark card perfection.  I was high the rest of the day – which mainly consisted of snacking, watching the Final Four, and having an early Easter, ham dinner.  Karen and I returned home Sunday so she could teach an aerobics class.  I’ve since called my mom to wish her a happy Easter.  Ellie remained in Breck with her friends for another day of snow and fun.  Still full sunshine out there on the Front Range.  I think I might go for a run.