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My neighborhood is going mainstream. Blog by my good friend and neighbor Jabe…


My neighborhood, Prospect New Town, in Longmont, Colorado was founded and created by an artist, Kiki Wallace in the early 1990s.  Kiki found contractors and architects who had artistic vision and they built out half of the lots in our neighborhood one house at a time, with Kiki complaining, arguing, and firing every step of the way.  Kiki had a very strong vision and was fierce in his pursuit of it, even if others were offended (or banished) by his seemingly capricious ways.  It was a slow process and 15 years into it the economy upended the construction business and building in Prospect came to a stand still. It also deprived Kiki of his ability to finish his vision on his own.

In the last year, Kiki brought in a developer to help finish building out Prospect.  They started with the developer purchasing a few lots with option to buy…

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