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kickToday’s weather was rain, light wind, and 40°.  I know what you’re thinking, absolutely ideal running conditions.  I ran 13 evenly paced miles today on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail and it was perfect.  I wore shorts and two shirts – my light, long-sleeved Boulder Marathon shirt layered over my Moab tech t-shirt. And a running hat.  I rolled up my sleeves at one point and rolled them back down on the return into the 10 mph wind.  My gear choices were perfect too.  Then there was the Brushy Creek scenery.  Mostly brown foliage but so pretty.  The trail feels so much more remote than the surrounding sprawl would indicate.  The cool, humidity paired well with the winter colors.

I neglected to mention that Central Texas rained on me around the twenty-third mile of the Austin Marathon.  Even though the rain down here is like warm bath water, I found it refreshing at a time I was over-heating.  I ran three very comfortable 7 milers this last week in sunny weather – upper 60°s and lower 70°s.  Very nice but I prefer this more typical Central Texas winter weather.  It reminds me of running through high school and college, growing up down here.  Nostalgia pairs well with long runs.