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KeithNo big event this weekend but at least I’m running again.  Just went a second week without running, except for the weekend.  I’m over my cold but was too busy this week.  Working from dark to dark doesn’t leave much time for running.  I’ve yet to begin my plan to run shorter distances over lunch.  I’m off next week for Thanksgiving though.  I plan to get in some miles.

I got in 8 miles Friday since I had the day off and 10 Saturday.  I ran another 10 miles this morning with Keith and Jen on the Picture Rock Trail – finally open again after the September floods.  We ran fairly slow due to some dangerous mud in spots.  Running slow on the Picture Rock Trail though doesn’t necessarily make it a low intensity workout.  Five non-stop miles up have a way of challenging your heart.  I’ve had some pretty fun runs on this trail where I race down but not today.  The footing was way too dangerous.

JenThis was my first drive through Lyons, since the flood, on the way to the trail head.  Jen, owning an insurance firm, told us stories of some  of the destruction during the drive.  She pointed out houses that became house boats.  Lyons had such a nice parkway along the river that is totally gone now.  A real shame.  Massive construction looks under way though.  Hope the best for them.