Denny'sMy call Thursday afternoon to confirm our two rental vans at Enterprise in Longmont was routed to the Boulder location.  I was assured two vans were available at 55th and Arapahoe.  Five minutes later Kelly called and was told we could not have our vans.  When Kelly stressed how critical these vans were for an adventure run in the mountains, he was chastised over how people had lost their cars and homes to the flood.  Still, I consider us victims too.  Albeit further down the scale of desperation.  Plan B had me driving the Honda Odyssey and Steve driving his Toyota Land Cruiser.  Less certain was whether we’d be able discover an egress route out of Longmont in the morning.  We moved up our schedule to meet at Steve’s house at 3am.

Steve’s CDOT Mobile app suggested an escape route down Hwy 287 and east on Hwy 7 to I-25.  En route, we read the email from the FFR Race Director delaying the run until later in the afternoon due to a rock slide on I-70.  Plan C was to breakfast at Denny’s on I-70 and Kipling at 4:30am to consider our options and hope for further communication from the race director.  We were not the only diners there.  Everyone appeared sober.

Denny's ChicsEventually we returned home to await further word.  That word was emailed hours later at 8:28am, stating the relay was cancelled.  Not surprising but in my sleep deprived state, devastating nonetheless.  I’m too tired to work effectively.  Maybe I’ll check email after a nap and complete a task or two.  Maybe I’ll just watch CNBC all day.  More than likely I’ll go for a run but I’m not sure where.  It’s difficult to go for more than a few blocks in this town without hitting a roadblock.  Naturally the trails along creeks are submerged.  The start to my regular LoBo Trail contains a 10 foot deep chasm – washed away by the raging Left Hand Creek.  I need to run though, I have a marathon next weekend.  Plan D might come to me after a nap.