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iStock fig leafThat’s right.  I ran 12 miles today without covering my paunch.  It’s been years.  I often ran shirtless as a youth in Texas.  That was before all of today’s hi-tech athletic fabrics.  Cotton was useless in the Texas heat.  I think it was the weather today that emboldened me to run nearly naked.  I got out the door before 11am and the temperature was still under 80°.  There was a small breeze and I wanted to be able to feel it against as much of my skin as possible.  You could say the wind teased me to strip down to all but the essentials.  I didn’t even carry water for this fairly long two and half hour run.

I don’t think I scared anyone.  I did wait to take off my shirt until after I walked out of the house – dropping it on my front porch.  I feel like more runners and bikers out on the trail waved than usual.  It felt good to have a run without worrying about my nipples chafing.  A related story is that my September relay team settled on a team name – Naked and You’re Afraid.  Apparently based on some TV show I’ve yet to watch.  It’ll be ironic if we print up some shirts.  Maybe I’ll run one of my legs shirtless in September.  My 3rd leg will be in the cover of darkness between 2 and 3 in the morning.  If it’s not too chilly at 8500 feet.