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UHC IronkidsEllie returns to the Boulder Res Saturday for her second IronKids triathlon.  Her first triathlon didn’t go so well as she discovered she has exercise-induced asthma.  That wasn’t a huge surprise as we knew she had some breathing issues.  Such asthma-like conditions aren’t show-stoppers anymore though as evidenced by the Denver Nugget’s JaVale McGee.  Plus Ellie won her 5th grade, all-district, 50 meter dash this spring.  All the same, I’m not expecting any trophy level competition out of Ellie.  I just hope to see her finish.  I’m so proud of her getting back in the saddle and fearless to try again.

Ellie doesn’t exactly train for triathlons.  Not formally, but Brit has been taking her swimming and she runs around the neighborhood with her friends.  She also swam last weekend at the Boulder Res to prep for the open water.  She first had to take a small swim test from the life guard before being allowed to swim beyond the rope.  She smoked a couple of boys in the water whom were also testing.  Ellie also has a nice Diamondback Clarity hybrid bike she bought used from her friend Kate.  I swapped the dirt tires out for faster road tires and lubed the chain.  More importantly, Ellie ordered a Pearl iZumi tri-suit because for an 11 year old girl, it’s all about style.  Can’t wait for Saturday.