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BB2013 Finisher PhotoLululemon for Men athletic wear.  In case you live under a rock, this is the fantastically successful women’s athletic wear company whose stock was dinged recently for having to recall overly sheer yoga pants.  Their CEO resigned this week (after dumping $50M in stock) lowering their stock price even more.  They have launched men’s wear now and are betting big it will be successful.  You won’t find me wearing their black and gray with flashes of blue and pink pastel.

I’m fairly conservative in dress.  I wear modestly long runner’s shorts.  I don’t wear v-neck t-shirts because I like to cover the hair on my chest.  I still cringe whenever I see videos of Richard Simmons.  This Bolder Boulder finisher’s photo depicts how a runner should dress.  Shorts to the knees.  Shirt left untucked to obscure the master’s division paunch.  No tank top.  Color coordination is probably a good thing but mine is coincidental as Karen advised me on what to wear the night before.  I probably should have asked her to pin on my race bib so it wouldn’t be so crooked.  My wife is tastefully demure, but is a woman after all.  I do appreciate some feminine details.

It’s because of her that I’m familiar with Lululemon, Athleta and Lucy.  I like their stuff.  On women.  If I thought the new Lululemon men’s line of sportswear met my taste, I’d buy it.  I’m not against a single firm making both men and women clothing.  My running wardrobe consists primarily of Nike, North Face, Under Armour and Brooks.  What I see being offered currently by Lulu is too close to gear that would appeal to Richard Simmonds.  I hope they do well (I’m long July 20th $70 call options) but I won’t be wearing it.