iStock stopwatchMy training for the Bolder Boulder is a bit behind schedule.  Work, taxes, and other priorities have taken precedence.  I have four workouts now though that I have timed and I’m seeing a drop in my average pace.  I wouldn’t say it’s enough to note a drop in my lactate threshold, which is the goal, but I feel good that I’m measuring my progress.  I also gained some confidence after getting in a speed workout today.  It wasn’t a fartlek but rather a two mile warmup followed by three miles at my half marathon race pace, followed by a two mile cool down.

I averaged a 7:27 mile pace for the three miles I ran today at race pace.  I would say that is my current lactate threshold.  It compares with my three half marathons I ran this year.  I ran a 7:48 pace for Boulder, a 7:31 pace in Moab and a 7:23 pace at Austin.  I might not have enough time to lower this down to 7:00 even, but that’s my goal.  I have five weeks.