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Delicate Arch 2

Drove out with the Jaggers Thursday afternoon amid summer weather.  Previous Moab experiences include imperfect weather.  The drive went nice from the back seat.  We talked up until dinner at il Bistro in Grand Junction a little after 8.  The last leg from GJ to Moab was a bit quieter.  We mostly searched for some comet but couldn’t see it.

We did see a lot of arches the next day.  That’s the Delicate Arch behind us in this pic, with the La Sal Mountains further back.  The rest of Jabe’s running team showed up sometime between us visiting this arch and 9pm tonight.  Jabe has 18 of us running this year.  I think most of us have run Moab before and we’re all in agreement this is the best potential weather ever.  Asking for no wind is probably pushing it but it’ll be warm by the end of the run.  I’m planning to wear shorts and the blue short sleeved t-shirt that came with my gear bag.  I’ll cover up in tights and another shirt or two pre-race.  I’ll even store some heavier gear in my gear bag.  Why not be prepared?

I’m ready for tomorrow.  I figure I’ve been running about an 8:30 minute pace on my weekend runs and expect to be able to run that fast tomorrow.  My goal though is an 8 minute pace to break 1:45.  I can’t promise how I’ll feel tomorrow but intend to increase my odds by lining up with the 8 minute pace sign.  That’s about all I can predict at this point.  I believe an 8:20 pace is my best yet along this stretch of the Colorado River.  I’ll write how this story ends after tomorrow’s run.