ped picWhoa tiger!  33 miles in 3 days.  That’s a bit aggressive.  You can’t expect to train for Moab in a single weekend.  My legs are dead to the world right now.  But I knew exactly what to do.  I took Ellie and her friend Ivy to get pedicures.  A couple of preteens and me.  I’m still a little tuckered out but it feels good knowing I pampered myself somewhat.

Of course, a pedicure for a runner like myself with dead blood under half my toenails is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig.  But it’s all about the calf massage and knowing I’m taking care of my feet.  At least occasionally.  I should really do this more often.  Especially if I keep running my new expanded route along the Lobo Trail – the Niwot Loop.  Makes for a long run.