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BCRTSeriously.  Two days of non-stop rain.  Today was great (although I didn’t run) and tomorrow should be awesome too, but then it will rain again for the weekend – during the 3M Half Marathon.  And it will be cold – around 40°.  Bummer.  This pic is at the east end of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail after a 6 mile run Wednesday.  The trail was flooded throughout my run like the water you see behind me.  The ground is pretty saturated around here.  Worse, the mold count is high.

My brother will drive me to the race start which is cool because it’s located 13 miles away from the race finish and this over-priced event doesn’t provide transportation.  My suggestion to them is to use their gear bag buses to drive runners from the finish to the start.  Runners could park at the finish, take the bus to the start, leave their gear in the bus, and run the course back to where they parked their car.  But what do I know?

I’m hoping to buy some inserts at the race expo on Friday or Saturday because my racing flats don’t have any inserts of any kind in them currently.  I could transfer the inserts from my training shoes if necessary.  Race start is early – at 6:45 am Sunday.  Breakfast will be around 10am at either Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Boulevard or Kerbey Lane Cafe on Kerbey Lane.