woman athlete in position ready to runThe effect of competition was apparent on the performance of my two 5Ks yesterday.  I finally found the race results from the Colder Boulder and was surprised to learn I ran faster in the Rudolph Dash.  I ran 23:10 in the first race compared to 22:21 in the second run.  Clearly this was due to my efforts to keep up with my neighbors.

The run didn’t feel as strong because my legs felt so heavy, but I did loosen up half way along the course and must have run stronger the final mile.  The two neighbors I ran with are Keith Jaggers and Chris Price.  Keith lead us through the wind on the first mile to where we were all sufficiently winded.  I credit myself with pushing the second mile – certainly once we hit Sunset – finally catching Triolo who had been  flying from the start like a bat out of hell.  And then Chris brought us home with his 22:11.

I probably shouldn’t be too surprised by this.  It actually makes me happy to think I could recover enough from the morning race to do this well in the afternoon.  And I shouldn’t downplay the benefits of the men’s pedicure at noon.  This is my secret recovery technique that I highly recommend.  I went with Ellie who got flowers painted on her toe nails while I received a foot and calf massage.  Competition and pampering – that’s the secret to top performance.