This pic was within the first couple of miles.  I know because my sleeves are still down for warmth.  I wasn’t actually listening to a playlist yet, not until about 7 or 8 miles.  Had the ear buds in though to be ready.  I held a few conversations on this run.  Running a nine minute pace, I was never winded.  This was all a matter of enjoying the fall colors.

I recall when I was a kid, running competitively, how nervous I would be lining up for a race.  My stomach would feel sick up until the starting gun fired.  My body knew the ordeal it was about to go through and it would be on edge.  Now, I line up casual.  Rarely any nerves.  And even for marathons, the only thought going through my mind is that I can’t believe my life is so perfect that I get four hours to go for a run.  Sweet.

Ran twelve miles this morning on LoBo Trail.  I ran slow and could have run all day long.  Ran so slow I’m really glad I didn’t time it.  But it was 50° and sunny.  Another beautiful day in Colorado.  Ran in my bronco colors – blue shorts and orange long sleeve t-shirt.  It was such great weather I planted bulbs after putting away the Halloween decorations.  Still cool enough though that I have a skillet of chili simmering now.  Using up my garden tomatoes.