With no more big runs planned, you might think I’d run out of content.  A runner can always talk about their shoes.  I only had time today for 4 miles and it occurred to me I could revisit my attempt at training in minimalist running flats.  Earlier attempts ended with something broken in my left foot last spring, but I know what I’m doing this time around.

I won’t train barefoot on 15 mile trail runs this winter.  I expect to be mostly running 3 and 4 miles which is the sort of distance that should be safe and allow me to adapt to barefoot running.  So I pulled these down from my gear wall and slapped them on.  You guys all have a gear wall in your basement too, right?  Well, I love how these Merrell Trail Gloves fit and feel.  It’s just amazing how they force my stride to strike the ground on the balls of my feet.

Truth be told, I’ve been limping a tad this evening, but I don’t think I overdid it.  One might argue that I’m typically limping after most runs.  Generally not the short runs.  This will take some practice but that’s the plan this winter.  I’ll work these into my regimen.  With no upcoming events, the potential impact from injury is low.