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Two marathons, back-to-back, and two photos crossing the finish line with both feet in the air.  Tells me I finished the season with a little skip in my step.  Great metaphor for my year as I began injured but finished healthy and in decent running shape.  This might have been my most productive season ever in terms of road races – The Austin Half, Moab Half, Boulder Spring Half, Collegiate Peaks 25 mile trail run, Bolder Boulder 10K, Imogene Pass Run, Denver Marathon and the Boulder Marathon.  I also discovered 3 neighbors to not only run with but who beat me in some of those runs listed above.  Next year’s Moab Half will be competitive with those guys.  Win or lose, I now have a cool running hat none of them have.  Click on the pic and check out that orange hat.

At Jen & Kelly’s Halloween party last night, Keith asked me what big event we should plan on next year.  I responded I didn’t think I was ready just yet to make plans.  I don’t have any idea for next year except for the spring.  I plan to repeat what I did this year.  However, if I’m in shape, I’ll run the full Austin Marathon in February instead of the half.  Follow that up with the Moab Half in March, the CPTR in early May and end my spring season with the Bolder Boulder.

My winter training will be with the goal of beating my neighbors in those events.  I’m currently healthy and strong.  I’ll shorten my runs during the week after daylight savings time ends next weekend.  But I’ll try to do weights and work out my core.  That’s as important as running distance.  I expect to have some good long runs on weekends (ran two 12 milers this weekend) along with snow shoeing.  My spring results will stem from how dedicated I am with my winter maintenance program.