Maintaining my digital presence is one of the reasons I blog.  There are other reasons.  None very meaningful but when you add  them up I chronicle stuff online.  Karen and I were watching some TV show about facebook that got us talking about social networking, the future of communication, and related topics.  We eventually reached the conclusion that regardless of how we might differ in our online comfort levels, we both believe social media cheapens relationships.

I could go into detail on that but it’s not my point other than to relate that as context for my appreciation of real, face-to-face experiences.  We had a great weekend in Breckenridge with friends.  I went on a 6 mile trail run across the Ten Mile Range with Keith (see pic), was a quick loser in a card game, drinks, food…

I was asked on that getaway how I’ve enjoyed turning 50.  I might have been slow to respond but recalled some of my real life experiences.  Mexico in the spring.  Mount Princeton Hot Springs this summer.  And the other times that crossed my mind were running events, family events, hiking with friends.  Spending time with people.

I like facebook.  I enjoy the efficiency of email.  Texting this and that.  I think of the Panasonic Toot-a-loop AM transistor radio I listened to at 10 when I see Ellie facetiming her friends on her iPad.  It’s all so cool and I’m comfortable with it.  But there’s something to be said about real world face time.  In person conversations.  A real chat.  Maybe it’s simply my fleeting lifespan making me sappy but more and more I place a premium on personal time.  Analog presence.