I go on summer holiday Tuesday, returning the next week’s Wednesday; which is odd but to give my scheduler credit – she got us some super cheap airfare.  I started my search for a summertime read last night.  Figure the odds of this.  I logged into facebook first and had an invite to a book club app called Goodreads.  How does facebook know?

I don’t allow many apps to take over my personal profile but acquiesced for this.  The timing was in its favor.  For the next hour I added books to my profile and scoured those read and reviewed by my friends.  And I didn’t find one book I was interested in.  What’s with that?

In a perfect world I would read non-stop all day long, all year long.  History suggests I go in ruts.  Read tons for several months, go months without reading squat.  Sometimes it’s my work schedule but more often than not it’s that I can’t find anything interesting.  I actually downloaded the bible the other day – for 99¢ I might add.  Haven’t read it since high school, and while I am hardly “searching” right now, it’s on my list of things to read.  But good Lord I would rather read some page-turning thriller, some historical fiction, some lurid, graphic novel on my summer vacation.

Please provide recommendations.