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Turns out the Internet was wrong, my foot is not broken.  My visit to Dr. Steed (pictured here with his family) at Flat Irons Foot & Ankle today countered what the Internet diagnosed to be a broken metatarsal in my left foot.  To be fair, an MRI might find a crack but the X-Ray was negative.  The really good news here is that Dr. Steed feels it’s not necessary to totally demobilize.  I told him I’d like to continue running 3 and 4 mile distances.  He responded that I would need to run in my normal training shoes and not the minimalist pair, and advised to shore up my stability with some more inserts.  Otherwise he wasn’t concerned I would cause more damage.  He also advised applying a topical analgesic.

It also turns out that my pain is not in my metatarsal, but just north of there in my medial cuneiform.  Or maybe between that and the cuboid.  There’s no swelling or bruising.  If I have time today, I’m going to squeeze in 3 miles this evening.  Four days without a run is a modern day record.  I can’t let it go to five days.