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Ouch!  Last weekend’s 14 mile trail run strained something in my foot.  I’m not sure exactly but it feels to be around the navicular, perhaps in one of the joints.  It’s sensitive if I push down on the top of my foot and hurts to run.  Actually, I couldn’t run for two days afterward.  I could barely walk Sunday but was able to finally run 3 miles on Tuesday in a pair of cushioned shoes.

This is a real bummer in light of my plans to run 25 miles Saturday.  I was in panic mode at first thinking I wouldn’t be able to run it at all.  Now I’m thinking the biggest casualty will be that I won’t be able to run it in my minimalist Merrell Trail Gloves.  I worked so hard to accustom myself to running in them in a two week window before the CPTR.  Hard to ignore the possibility this aggressive training contributed to the strain.  Ironically, my calves didn’t even hurt after the 14 miler, but it felt like I broke my foot.

I recall the probable cause.  I twisted my foot, actually entire leg, somehow around 4 miles.  It didn’t hurt and I didn’t notice any pain throughout the run.  It was just some weird tweak that ran up my leg as my foot hit the ground at an odd angle.  Pretty sure that’s the event that strained my foot.  If the pain persists, I’ll visit a doctor.  I don’t want to before Saturday though because that can only turn out badly.  According to the Internet, I might have a stress fracture.  I can just picture myself having to walk around in a splint of some sort for the next six weeks.  No thanks.