Ran eleven miles today with my neighborhood Twelve O’Clock Running Club.  True to form, we met up after noon.  These boys have been staying fit.  They need to as we are all slated to run the Moab Half Marathon in two weeks.  It’s a toss-up between Keith and Kelly as to whom is the most fit.  I’m going to go with Kelly.  The boy has been doing this boot camp that focuses on your core.  Core matters.

Today’s pace started out a bit fast for me.  Perhaps a month in Austin has lowered my high altitude capabilities.  Not sure but I was winded the first half today.  I led most of the way back and ran at a slightly slower pace.  That felt better.  Kelly would run noticeably faster whenever Eminem played on his playlist.  I might offer him a special playlist for Moab – with a few Carpenter tunes thrown in the mix.  Kelly picked up the pace on a long hill with about two miles remaining.  That’ll help him in Moab as there’s a substantial hill after 9 miles.  Based on today though, we’re all in good shape for Moab.  From what I understand, the entire neighborhood has been putting in the mileage and is ready.  Moab here we come.