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The blizzard Friday didn’t change my day much.  Weather doesn’t impact a basement commute.  But having Ellie home from school all day sort of made it feel like a Saturday. I laundered clothes throughout the day and started packing after dinner.  I don’t travel much anymore but I’m still fairly efficient at it.  Except I couldn’t find my Garmin or my Nikon’s mini USB cable.  I did find my IBM badge.  Could have used that for my Wednesday afternoon meeting at the Diagonal data center.

I lost my focus packing and gave up once I had all the clothes cleaned and folded.  Figuring I had time in the morning to pack, I sat down to listen to a Diana Krall playlist with Karen.  We sat until about 11:30 in front of the fire while the snow continued to fall – Karen sipping her white, me quaffing my red.  600 flights had been cancelled out at DIA but I assumed I’d be good to go in the morning.  The shuttle was scheduled to pick me up at 8am.

I had time to read the Journal in the morning before the van showed up at the curb.  Karen woke up to send me off with a hug and kiss.  She’ll be a single working parent for the next three weeks.  Today even she’ll be driving Ellie to an activity in Boulder at 11am, which she’ll do every Saturday while I am gone.  Ellie’s activity is 2 hours and Karen intends to go to the studio to work on her Zumba routines.  She’s teaching now a 30 minute class every Monday-Wednesday-Friday in Louisville.  She only has a few students to date but expects the class to grow quickly.

The shuttle driver was talkative.  I’d guess him for about 70 years old.  He had no reluctance in asking all about my trip.  Told him I was visiting my mom and he wanted to know her age, then her health.  Guessing this guy isn’t in tune to HIPAA.  The only way to keep from giving up my SSN and bank pin code was to start asking him questions. Found out his brother is 79 and a long haul truck driver for 40 years. Maybe I’m just more in tune to old people right now, but this guy is old and working.  His brother is older and working.  I stopped by McDonalds as the van exchanged me to the bus and a lady easily of retirement age served me at the counter.  Are old people refusing to retire or am I just overly sensitive given my trip to visit my mom?  They must be hedging their bets in case Romney gets elected and takes away their safety net.

I rode on a bus from the Interstate the rest of the way to DIA.  I was surprised to discover this bus had wifi with a great signal.  Nice.  I took full advantage using my iPhone.  My next surprising observation was as I sat down at the Southwest gate.  Absolutely everyone within sight who had a laptop had an Apple MacBook.  Hmm.

Seating on Southwest is a free-for-all and I got the aisle seat in the first row and no one took the middle seat.  I ordered a Bloody Mary and finished my Saturday edition of Barrons.  Then I started a new piece of fiction on my Kindle – Fear Index.  Good read. After reading 15%, I set it aside for a song writers’ genius playlist and listened wearing my Marshall headphones while drinking a second Bloody Mary.  I was relaxed and feeling pretty good by the time the flight landed in Austin (ten minutes late) and my brother picked me up outside the baggage claim area.  The weather here is cool and comfortable.  Karen called me to let me know I should crash my brother-in-law’s Super Bowl party on Sunday.  Sounds like a plan.