Don’t laugh.  I wore this sock to bed last night.  Paired with my flannel bottoms and cotton T, I made quite the fetching bed partner.  As I was in the Boulder Running Company’s store yesterday buying a new pair of running shoes, this sock was an emotional purchase in my desperate attempt to cure my plantar fasciitis.  I am more interested in using a “boot” but saw this and thought I’d try it out.

Having read online reviews this morning of the Strassburg Sock, I wish I’d have performed more research first.  The reviews are almost entirely unfavorable of the sock and instead suggest use of the Night Splint.  I intend to order a night splint but will continue to wear this sock to bed until the splint arrives.  After one night I can’t say I noticed any improvement in my heel pain, but can say it seemed to loosen my tight calf.  Overly tight calves are one of the causes of plantar fasciitis – although not in my case.  But since I started running less on my heel and more on my fore foot, my calves have tightened considerably.  It would be nice to wear two of these socks to loosen them both but these grossly over-priced socks don’t come in pairs.  Apparently runners don’t tend to experience plantar fasciitis in both feet at once.  It would be insult to injury for the poor bastard who does after having to fork over $70 for a pair of these socks.