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I registered for the Austin Half Marathon today.  That makes 3 half marathons between now and April 1st.  Register for any more and I won’t have to train in between – I’ll stay fit simply from my weekend events.

This is a call out to all my friends in Austin to join me.  I’ll be down there for most of February hanging out at my mom’s house – spending quality time.  And no doubt washing windows.  It’s not an easy course.  In fact, it’s a ball buster if you’re not in shape.  Think hills.

At a high-level, it’s 5 miles up slope, followed by 5 miles back down the same slope, although on a different street.  And the final 3 miles are over the rolling hills west of downtown Austin.  While I don’t consider myself in good enough condition to run the full marathon – at least not without pain – I suspect I’ll run this in 2 hours or less.  I’ll treat it like a workout by starting out slow up South Congress.  I’ll unwind running down South 1st Street.  Then focus on maintaining good form over those final hills.  Should be a good beer drinking day.  Having run the full last year I can tell you this is a well run event.