Happy new year for some, but not for all.  My daughter is facing an eviction from her Denver digs due to the actions of another roommate.  The roomie threw an out-of-control New Years Eve party that resulted in unruly guests vandalizing the lobby.  You expect these things in college.

This is not how you want to start the new year.  Facing eviction, loss of your security deposit if not fines and even potential police charges.  Poor Brit came home shortly before 2am from her restaurant job to discover the party and did what she could to contain the situation.  But then one of her other roommates wasn’t even there and is equally a victim.  Regardless of degrees of culpable wrong-doing, four girls stand to start the new year off on a bad foot.

Brit is overwhelmed emotionally.  She’s never faced anything like this before.  And how is she handling it?  She put on her big girl pants.  She met with Detectives today to serve as a witness to the party crashers.  After being told in the morning by apartment management to expect eviction, she went out looking for a new apartment.  And before the day was over, she worked with the management team on another plan to only have the party-thrower evicted and allowing the three others to stay.  In 24 hours, she has turned this thing around.  She didn’t take it sitting down.  It’s not over yet but Brit has demonstrated she can take control of events seemingly out of control.  Dad’s impressed.