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Wow, am I ever ready for the holidays.  Put a fork in me because I am done for the year.  I just finished for the day – it was supposed to be a half day but I couldn’t get it all done in 4 hours.  Now that I’m officially on holiday, I can sit back and get all introspective on 2011 and think forward to celebrating the holidays with family.

I’m sipping a Heinenken Light and watching Jim Cramer after having squeezed in a short run.  Soon, I’ll go buy some fondue dipping food for tonight’s Christmas party.  The beauty of my neighborhood parties is there’s no risk of drinking and driving, the women are all hotties and the guys can out-cook Emeril.

Tomorrow, I might put up some lights on the front porch.  I’ve never been this late before but work has been unreal.  You’d think a guy who works from his basement could get more done around the house.  I have a little more shopping to do tomorrow.  Karen and I will have to coordinate schedules because we’re down to one car.  Karen was rear-ended the other day so the Accord is in the shop.  The lady who hit her was in her 80s; Karen felt sorry for her because the lady was afraid she would lose her license.

I need to finish up mailing out Christmas cards too.  Karen got about half of them done.  She’s busier now because she started a new HR job last week.  And she’s dancing Zumba every day.  There should be plenty of time this weekend to get everything done.  We’ll send the dog to the ranch and line up a house sitter.  Monday we’ll head out, picking up Brit in Denver along the way, to Austin for the holidays.  Party on!