I’m feeling pretty good about re-establishing my running regimen over the holidays here in Carlsbad.  I’ve consistently leveraged the last 3 Thanksgiving breaks to log some miles.  I scaled back on running while diagnosing some of my injuries, but it doesn’t appear I lost any real conditioning.  With my abdomen feeling strong again, my pace is seriously dropping back to where it was a year ago – down close to 8 minute miles.  I’m not pushing myself yet in terms of distance – only running 3 and 4 miles.  I’d like to run farther but I’m following the medical advice and easing back into it.

There’s no hurry.  I’m not planning on any events until late winter – early spring.  The Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab March 17th.  That’s on my calendar although at this point I’m only entered in the lottery.  I have a strong desire to return to run the Austin Marathon February 19th.  I have a little something to prove in that event, but it’ll come down to a last minute decision based on my winter conditioning and whether or not I have enough miles on United.  Sometime near those two runs will be the Boulder Half Marathon – I’ll for sure do that.  I like how the course goes out slightly up slope and returns back down slope.  Perfect event to start slow and speed up.  Last March I ran it as a workout just like that.  It felt great.

Clearly, I’ll need to eventually increase my mileage if I intend to run marathons and halves.  I’ll target next weekend to grind out a long one.  Until then, I’ll enjoy my new found fast pace.  I’m considering sending a Christmas card to Dr. Stilp for taking care of me.