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Dr. WW called back again to let me know he’d reviewed my MRI with Dr. Stilp – an Orthopedic Surgeon across the street at the Boulder Surgery Center.  She concurs with the radiology diagnosis of arthritis in my symphysis pubis and wants me to call her to schedule myself to receive a fluoroscopic-guided shot of cortisone.  Dr. WW actually let me agree first that I was interested in receiving the shot.  He might have been following some ethics protocol.  He seemed happy with my decision though.  And he related to me that I’m only the second case of symphysis pubis arthritis he’s treated.  The other guy was a few years ago.  That guy was in his 30s which makes me feel better about this not simply being about my age.  Dr. WW ended the call by giving me the phone number to Dr. Stilp’s nurse Heather, to setup the procedure.

Nurse Heather penciled me in for this coming Wednesday afternoon.  I’ll take a half day vacation as this will suck up too much time to simply squeeze it in between conference calls.  Heather briefed me on what to expect.  The shot itself will take just a few minutes, but I’ll need an hour for prep and another hour post-op.  Apparently this isn’t a simple flu shot.  The doctor will use fluoroscopy to guide the needle into the area of my hip bone.  Heather surveyed my medical history over the phone so I won’t have to spend time filling out forms once I arrive.  I declined the anesthesia so I’ll be able to drive myself home afterward.  I’ve never had anesthesia before but have seen others receive it and can say that it doesn’t appeal to me.  Heather answered most of my questions.  I’ll have to wait to talk with Dr. Stilp to answer other questions such as ongoing expectations.  I neglected to ask just exactly where the point of entry will be for the needle.  My buddy Dave suggested I should expect it to be where I least want it, and that stirrups might be involved.  Ouch.