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Meet A Lo Hawk.  A trail moniker birthed in a Maui volcano and carried forth on the PCT and AT.  Having fully tested the patience of loved ones on those summer-long hikes, his plan for hiking the Colorado Trail is to complete segments on weekends.  I believe A Lo Hawk told me there are 28 segments.  That sounds like half a year to me.  But A Lo Hawk suspects he can hike some of the segments in tandem, and he started early.  A Lo Hawk started today with me.

Me was very impressed with myself for being able to hang with A Lo Hawk on today’s 16 mile excursion over the rolling hills of the first segment of the Colorado Trail.  A Lo Hawk finished stronger than me but I held my own for most of the ride.  And man, what a ride.  Physically, it was much more challenging than the recent half marathons I’ve run.  And yet it was totally more fun.  Trail running presents the runner with an epic adventure, and today was no exception.

I won’t provide all the details here because I’ve decided to return to my metaphorical writing style and will publish several narratives as part of a single story on today’s experience.  I setup a new page which should appear as a tab like the About tab on this blog page.  I’m still working to understand the mechanics of publishing this on a separate page within this same blog, so please remain patient with me as I figure this out.

Needless to say, today’s adventure contains enough themes to write several stories.  If A Lo Hawk is successful in his prodding, I’ll complete additional segments of the Colorado Trail with him, and the new story will continue throughout the summer.  I’ve named the story, CT Cronica.  You should be able to view the tab near the top of this blog menu.  As of now, I haven’t added any stories, but I will.