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snowshoe B1

My second snowshoe outing for the year – this one while on spring break with Karen and Ellie in Breckenridge at the Nordic Ski Center.  This was the first time ever for Karen and Ellie to snowshoe.  Karen really enjoyed it.  Ellie started out strong but for some reason lost her mojo and got grumpy.  Still, a grumpy Ellie is nothing like some temperamental youngsters.  She stomped onward; she even assumed the lead for awhile.

snowshoe B3

We hiked the Pence Miller trail.  It’s a loop (not sure the distance) and it took a little under 2 hours.  Tomorrow we plan to hike the shorter Willow trail, but will take it to the Shock Hill gondola stop and ride up the mountain for lunch and more activities on Peak 8.  Not sure if we’ll do any typical skiing on this trip, but we also have plans for ice skating.  No running on this vacation, but it’s good to mix things up every now and then.  I’m thinking of even squeezing in a deep tissue massage in the spa.  Why not?