Have I not mentioned Pasta Jay’s several times in my recent blog posts?  So you all know I was planning on having dinner at their Moab site this Friday with a dozen of my fit friends before running the Moab Half Marathon.  Barb went out of her way to call them several times to set reservations.  Each time adding a couple more people.  So just now they call her back to not only state they don’t accept reservations, but to be so rude about it as to make her feel she should have known better than to trust one of their staff who happened to answer the phone on each of her calls.

I know many restaurants don’t accept reservations anymore.  It  runs counter to their business model of quickly turning over tables.  But the more business savvy of these places still make exceptions for large tables of 10 or more persons.  Few of them are ever rude about it.  I used to like Pasta Jays.  I think mostly because it was cheap.  But you get what you pay for and I can’t recommend this place to anyone.  At least not the Moab site.