Jayashree gathered pillows for her partners to sit on the floor.  They decided it best to continue their meeting at her apartment after the café proprietor chastised Jayashree for her profanity.  Raj restarted the discussion with a positive focus.

“Let me ask you this Shankar, is it too late to request some Python skills?”

“No, it might cause some delay but it’s not too late.  I’ll do that immediately.”

Raj continued, “Good.  I also imagine we would be managing these staff correct?”

“Yes, it’s expected, but the investors will set their initial expectations as part of the hiring process.”

“Of course.”  Raj was smiling and appeared quite comfortable now with their situation.  “We can easily direct these staff to work on what we determine.  They won’t be surprised that our tasks differ from what some suits told them.  We’ll still have to develop new data feeds but we should be able to focus enough efforts on audit logs and error checking to keep us on track.  We’ll be fine.  By the way, what are some of the new data feeds they want us to focus on?”

“Oh, I forgot to bring that up.  They already have agreements from a consortium of auto insurance companies to provide us with data they have on driver’s mileage and related information.  They want us to correlate it with other data and feed it back to them.  Apparently, there’s a lot of money in the insurance business.”

Jayashree heard this discussion from the kitchen where she was making tea.  She served the drinks now to her partners.  In truth, she’d become a bit distracted thinking about having doubled her income.  She was over her anger from earlier and was now feeling pretty good about things.  She picked up her guitar and played songs for her partners into the evening.