Ellie woke up early enough to join me on the trail this morning. We chose the Village-to-Village Trail, a six mile jaunt from Beaver Creek to Bachelor Gulch. It began with the same climb as yesterday’s hike along the Beaver Lake Trail, then veered right after a mile or so and mostly side-hilled over to the Ritz Carlton.

The views were of aspen and wild flowers. We identified some of them.

The white flower above is Wild Strawberry, the parent plant of most cultivated strawberries.

We thought this looked like a rose when we came upon it, and sure enough, my PlantNet app identified it as Wood’s Rose.

Larkspur was also pervasive along the trail, along with alpine daisies.

Eric will join us this afternoon. Meanwhile, the girls are walking around Vail while I babysit Margot again.