BBS Check

This never gets old.  Nor is it likely to lead to wealth.  Six pack of IPA though, or a couple of hand-rolled puffers from the local dispensary.  Enough to get me through the winter.

The last time I posted a photo of a royalty check, I received comments voicing concern from publishing the bank routing and account numbers.  Myth.  As you’ll learn from reading my pending sequel to Cyber War I, Full Spectrum Cyberwar, the ACH system is quite secure based on its high degree of authentication.

Crooks can compromise your checking account, but not anonymously.  I don’t make these cyberattacks up.  I interviewed my banker brother-in-law for those specifics while drinking rum at a wedding in Cancun.  Full Spectrum Cyberwar does take some liberties with what my brother-in-law shared with me.  It’s fiction after all.

I’ve improved on my writing from the first book, and have toned down some of the tech talk.  Not entirely though, because that’s the point of it for me.  To tuck away a primer on cybersecurity inside a fictional thriller.  You’ll learn how to confidently auction wares on the dark web.  And how to hack into a wifi server.  I expect this next book to be banned in certain countries.

This blog has been visited by fifty-five countries so far this year.  Including all eight countries currently banned for export by the U.S. State Department.  If I’m not careful, I could be swept up in Mueller’s Russia investigation.  These are risks writers face.  I’m up for it.