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south congress 2

Instagram is Ellie’s social network of choice, as I believe it is for many 14 year olds.  And a picture says 1000 words.  Ellie sent me these pics from her final days in Austin, saying 1000 words, and then some.

south congress

She knows how to capture the best of Austin, and the fun she is having wth her cousins.

mt bonnell

I remember the first time I climbed the million steps up Mt. Bonnell, and saw this same view, in the late ’70s.  Ellie’s photos are making me truly nostalgic.  I have so many good memories of this hill, and Barton Springs below.

Barton Springs

It’s so nice to see Lake Travis completely refilled from the rains.

Lake Travis 4

Ellie is totally up on politics and has her own views.  This is from South Congress.