race photo kick 3

I only run because it gives me a prop to play toward acting lazy around the house.  I can easily back up my laziness, due to some pain, or because I’m too tired after running that marathon this morning.  Like an old friend, I always have that story to tell when I don’t get to something on my list.

I thought I acclimated well to the heat last week, but that was 70° weather.  The 90°s are like an order of magnitude hotter.  I know my Texas friends will laugh, but holy smokes, running in this heat is tough.  This Tuesday, I discovered sweat on my brow.  We sweat in Colorado of course, but normally it’s a dry sweat.

Not that sweating is bad.  Here typically, the sweat forms up on our brow as a dry, white powder.  We can brush it off after we run, into a shaker.

If you’re driving through Colorado on I-25 and you stop at that gas station slash diner slash convenience store thing on the SW corner of exit 235, that’s where you can buy a shaker of Boulder Salt.  Look for it there.  Another interesting thing about driving through Colorado is that you’re not a real town in this state if you don’t have a good story to tell on cannibalism.

I took some days off after Snowmass, then ran 11 miles Tuesday.  I was able to recover by running 8 miles Wednesday in a warm rain.  I could only pound out 7 miles today in 90°.  I lost 4 pounds of sweat in that one hour.  Might take Friday off to regain some weight.

This Bolder Boulder photo is from inside Folsom Field with less than 50 meters remaining.  I forgot to wear my customary racing cap, but escaped without sunburn given the early start.  Summer has arrived.