CO Marathon 10Kb

I prefer photos with my eyes open, but at least I’m smiling.  At the end of a six mile race no less.  This race was three weeks ago, and I really did enjoy running through the snowfall.  I’ve noticed over the last several weeks, as the days warm up, my best runs are on the cooler days with temps in the 40°s and 50°s, and I slow down considerably on the warmer days.  I’ve yet to acclimate to the heat.  There are two types of Bolder Boulder 10Ks.  Cold, wet ones, and hot ones where I end up sunburned.  Hoping for a colder morning Memorial Day weekend.  I’m not expecting my best performance this year, but I get excited for this race anyway.

Despite my hamstring injuries, I’m still in decent running shape this year.  I just haven’t been running fast.  I hoped to be better positioned for a fast race next weekend but things are what they are.  The reason I strive for fast runs in the Bolder Boulder is that it’s the same race, the same distance, and the same month, on the same course, every year.  So it’s a great yard stick to measure progress.  Weather is the biggest variable.  I expect to run about 20 or 30 seconds slower per mile than last year, but that’s still within a range that I’ll enjoy it as a race.


I even made the same starting wave as last year.  This will have me starting before 7am, so I can expect a cooler temperature being early morning.  Hoping to avoid running slower than three weeks ago in Fort Collins which I ran in 45:01.  The BB10K is a much tougher course, but then it also has more runners and fans, which will motivate me to run hard.  It’s funny that even though my expectations are diminished, I’m still so excited about this race.  It’s such a celebration of running, a 6 mile long street party.  Below are all my BB10K times:

1990  41:11                    2011  48:17
1991  48:00                   2012  51:32
1995  1:04:43                2013  44:22
2001  1:59:36                2014  1:50:17
2010  49:52                   2015  43:09


You can see where I essentially stopped running for 20 years.  The two runs close to 2 hours were actually walks.  My goal is to get back down to that 41 minute run from when I was 28 years old.  It’s within reach.  This is my 7th BB10K in a row.  I see a pattern in these times, starting with my return to running in 2010, of two steps forward and one step back.  But that’s really just a speed statement.  Health-wise, I’ve been steadily improving.  I’ve lost 30 pounds over this time period.  I don’t mind saying that I look like a runner again.  I think I’ll always be happy running any 10K under 45 minutes.  That’s racing speed for me.  I like seeing progress each year too, but I’m patient.  Faster times will come.

I ran the hills of East Boulder Trail this morning.  I barely noticed them.  I remember a time when my legs burned running up some of those hills.  This is just more good feedback letting me know I’m in good aerobic shape.  The bridge is still out over Boulder Creek on this trail.  Anyone have an ETA of when they intend to rebuild it?